NorCal SMK-1

Designed by Dave Fifield, AD6A


(Click on the pictures to see the full sized versions)

Designed as an introduction to kit building using surface mount components (rather than as a high performance transciever, which it is not!), the SMK-1 has over 80 parts of which over 70 are surface mount components. The only parts that are through-hole are the two 7.040MHz crystals, the two trimcaps and the three front-mounting pots. The kit will contain all the components needed for the PCB - you will need to supply a case, the knobs, earphone jack, key jack, power jack and antenna jack to complete the SMK-1 and make it into a usable transceiver. The PCB is a professional quality double-sided plated through hole with silk screen and solder mask job only 2.475" wide by 2.25" deep - tiny!!

No more SMK-1 kits are available, sorry.

Here are some pictures of the rev 2 prototype:

I put the first working prototype (rev 1) into a cut-down Context Engineering aluminum extrusion style case - it fits almost perfectly, as you can see. Note, this case is not supplied with the kit - you can buy these cases almost anywhere (I bought mine from Fry's Electronics for about $12). If you want a case like this one and can't find it locally, please don't bug me, contact the manufacturer at:

Context Engineering
1040 Di Ciulio Avenue, Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone 1-408-748-8676
Fax 1-408-748-8683

Case part number was 2506H-4.3B

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