RH-20 Kit Specifications
The RH-20 kit shipped with the following specifications:

Size			5" x 5" x 2" nominal
Weight			1 lb. 2 oz. (515 g) +/- your soldering style!
Mode			CW only
Keying			Semi-break-in, all electronic, TiCK-1 (Rev. 1.02) keyer built in. 1/8" stereo jack connection
Frequency control             VFO, varicap diode tuned, 10 turn pot main tuning control and center detent RIT control with approx. +/- 2KHz range (user adjustable)
Stability		Approx. +300Hz drift first 30mins, +50Hz drift per hour thereafter
Frequency counter	AFA, accurate to within 1KHz, manual and automatic modes - internally user selectable
Frequency range		A (nominal) 70KHz segment of the CW end of 20m (14MHz) - internally user selectable
Antenna			50 Ohms, BNC connector
Output power		0 to 5 Watts nominal (7 Watts typical) - internally user adjustable
Output protection	2SC1969 output device is SWR protected - will run into open or short circuit loads
Output match		Better than 1.5:1 into 50 Ohms nominal
Output spectrum		Relative to main carrier at 5W output, all harmonics -70dB or better, all spurii -50dB or better
Receiver		Single conversion superheterodyne, JFET pre-amp, high level double balanced mixer
Receive sensitivity	MDS -133dBm nominal
I.F.			9MHz
Receive filter		4 crystal main filter, 1 crystal unwanted sideband noise filter
Receive bandwidth	300Hz nominal
Stopband atten.		-70dB typical
AGC			Audio derived, 1 PIN diode + SA612 method
AGC range		100 dB typical
Audio output		1W into 8 Ohms from an LM380N, 1/8" stereo jack output connector
Power supply		10V to 14V D.C. Negative ground, 2.5mm power jack (center pin is positive)
Receive current		160mA typical (idle with background noise)
Transmit current		Depends on output power setting - user adjustable - and power supply voltage.
Transmit efficiency	~ 60% efficient (class C output stage).

Below are some pictures of my personal Red Hot NorCal 20. Click on any picture to see it full size.



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