Installing The FT-897 Options

By Dave Fifield (AD6A) ~ March 2003

Here are a few photos showing the procedure to install the optional filters, TXCO-9 and internal batteries to the Yaesu FT-897 rig. There's nothing hard about installing any of these modifications. The instructions in the Yaesu manual are fairly comprehensive and the menu options to select them are easy to get right.

Make sure to get the filters and TXCO-9 round the right way. It's worth noting that the actual filters are labeled with different part numbers than on the boxes! The YF-122S is marked XF-119SN and the YF-122C is marked XF-119C. Please ask if you have any questions or comments. Click on any of the pictures to see it in full detail. Hover your mouse over the pictures to see my comments on it.

The rig opened up. The optional filters go in the big space on the RHS. The 2.3KHz YF-122S filter installed. The 500Hz CW filter YF-122C installed.

The standard oscillator - in the corner near the power plug. The TXCO-9 oscillator installed. The rig after the options are installed - very neatly laid out!

You have to remove these plugs in the rear panel. To remove them, rotate them carefully until the lugs line up with the slots then push them out. Keep them safe - you may want them later! The battery compartment. One battery added (sorry, no picture with both yet...).


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