Installing The FT-857 Options

By Dave Fifield (AD6A) ~ March 2003

Here are some photos showing the procedure to install the optional filters (and a few showing off the color display), TXCO-9 and DSP-2 to the Yaesu FT-857 rig. There's nothing hard about installing any of these modifications. The instructions in the Yaesu manual are fairly comprehensive and the menu options to select them are easy to get right.

Make sure to get the filters and TXCO-9 round the right way. As with it's big brother, the FT-897, it's worth noting that the FT-857 optional filters are labeled with different part numbers than are on the boxes they come in! The YF-122S is marked XF-119SN and the YF-122CN is marked XF-119CN.

The schematic of the FT-857 is almost identical to the FT-897. Both rigs support the ATAS-100 and ATAS-120 antennas with every option you can think of for diplexer/separate antenna use. Please ask if you have any questions or comments. Click on any of the pictures to see it in full detail. Hover your mouse over the pictures to see my comments on it.

The FT-857 opened up ready for the options to be added. The standard oscillator - tucked away in the corner by the rear heatsink. The FIL-1 and FIL-2 optional filter positions - pretty obvious!

The 2.3KHz SSB filter installed. The TXCO-9 option installed. The 300Hz CW filter installed.

The DSP-2 board is fitted vertically - the connector is all that holds it in place, but it seems mechanically rigid enough. The DSP-2 option board - vertically mounted. The other side of the rig - the power amps and filters/switching. Note the two internally mounted fans that blow air over both the top and bottom PCBs in the rig - nice design feature!

The rear panel - note the trend towards no direct labeling - I don't like this! The label showing the rear panel connections is on the underside of the rig... The cooling air intake - behind the front panel, but fully exposed when you remote mount the head - good design IMO!

Well, I tried to capture some of the colors - this is meant to be green, but the digital camera doesn't seem to think so! ...and this is meant to be bright red....

...and this is meant to be blue - oh, it is!..... ...and finally, purple (violet, whatever). There are 32 shades of these basic colors - coolio!

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